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Best quality vacuum tumbler meat marinating machine GR-1000 for china

Group Vacuum meat tumbler machine
PriceUS $4000-4500 / set
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment L/C, D/P
Update Time 2019-05-16
Item specifics
ApplicationPower SourceElectric
CertificationCE Certificate
Mixer MaterialStainless Steel
Transport PackageSeaworthy Packing
Processing foodBeef, Mutton, Pork duck chicken
Product Description
Vacuum Tumbler GR Series is stainless steel constructed. Designed to meet the needs of large-sized meat and poultry processors, our GR Series industrial capacity, stainless steel vacuum tumblers deliver improved product quality. Vacuum tumbling is a method of marinating meat, poultry and seafood and is designed to provide ready-to-cook, value-added products. Vacuum tumblers are designed to improve vividness of the muscles, meat elements, small meat pieces, chicken bodily sizes and elements in the vacuum environment. Without vacuum tumbling for 20 minutes, marinating requires 24 to 48 hours of soaking before the product is ready for loading into the smokehouse. 
Meat is weighed into batches and cured by injection, tumbling and massaging to produce the flavour, texture and meat content agreed by the customer. 

Making products more juicer, tender and flavorful. 
Increased profit margins and increased productivity. 
Built-in Vacuum System. 
Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. 
Reliable, stable running, low noise & convenient. 
Most important Easy Cleaning. 

With the incorporation of physical impact principle, the meat slice and various ingredients can move upwards and downwards inside the rolling and kneading machine, through the impacting amidst them, a uniform massage and pickling can be achieved, subsequently, the affinity between the meat and the accessories, and the elasticity and productivity of the products can be greatly improved. This Machine is super sealing effect, designed with multi-functions intermittently moving and lung respiration. The vacuum level can be automatically controlled during the processing
Capacity: 500kg/Every time
Power:380V, 3.55KW  .