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First cold chain engineers in Colombia successfully installed 200kg/H tunnel freezer

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publisher: Sunny sun
Time: 2019-09-16
Summary: First cold chain engineers in Colombia successfully installed 200kg/H tunnel freezer

First cold chain engineers in Colombia successfully installed 200kg/H tunnel freezer, After everyone's hard work, the equipment installation and debugging completed.I wish our customer in Jordan success and a prosperous business.


Item :SW200( Avocado Frozen) 

Product Avocado halves and cubes  

Capacity :200kg/h 

In/Out Temp.: +25℃ to -8℃ 

Freezer Temp.: -40℃ 

In/Out Time:  6-30min 

Refrigerant: R404A 

Consumption :32kw 

Freezing Container Thickness 150mm 

Product Height: ≤100mm 

Belt Width: 1300mm 

Water Input Pressure ≥3 kg/cm2 

Freezer Power :3.75 KW 

In/out Guard Length :600/600 mm 

Freezer Size(L*W*H): 10800×1800×2300mm 

Freezer Body Material Duplex stainless steel polyurethane insulation board density or 40 kg/m3, the thickness of 150 mm, 304 stainless steel outer plate thickness more than 0.8 mm 

Main Electric Brand Schneider(France) 

Belt and Speed Food-grade plastic mesh belt; Frequency conversion step less speed regulation 

Slide Track Material Ultrahigh molecular polyethylene material. 

Internal Structure All made of 304 Stainless Steel Material, Argon arc welding 

Evaporator Effective from large aluminum finned tube set, stainless steel panel stent 

Fan and Motor Aluminum alloy stainless steel duct fan low noise and waterproof electric power consumption

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