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Matters needing attention in abnormal shutdown of Refrigeration Compressor

Time: 2019-01-31
Summary: well-know brand bitzer compressor unit for tunnel freezer. Use, maintenance and maintenance of parallel compressor units

Matters needing attention in abnormal shutdown of Refrigeration Compressor

1. Sudden power outages

If the refrigerating compressor suddenly goes out of power, it should first cut off the power switch and immediately close the suction valve of the compressor and the exhaust valve, and at the same time close the supply valve and stop supplying the liquid to the evaporator. Avoid wet compression due to excessive liquid in the evaporator next time the machine is started.

2. Sudden shutdown

If the cooling water is suddenly interrupted, the power supply should be cut off immediately to stop the operation of the refrigeration compressor to avoid excessive condenser pressure. The compressor should close the suction valve, exhaust valve and relevant supply valve immediately after the compressor stops, to be found out the reason to eliminate the malfunction, to resume the water supply before starting.

3, Some parts are damaged and stopped

When the compressor is in urgent need of shutdown due to the damage of some parts of the compressor, it can be operated according to the normal shutdown if time permits. In case of emergency, the motor power supply should be cut off, and the suction, exhaust valve and liquid supply valve should be closed. If the refrigeration equipment running ammonia or refrigeration compressor failure, should cut off the workshop power wear gas clothing and mask for emergency repair. At this time should open all exhaust fans, if necessary can be used to water ammonia leakage, for repair.

4, Stop in case of fire

If the fire in an adjacent building endangers the safety of the refrigeration system, the power supply should be cut off, and the liquid accumulator, condenser, ammonia oil separator, evaporator each exhaust valve shall be quickly opened, and the emergency ammonia discharger and its water valve shall be quickly opened. The ammonia liquid of the system is concentrated in the emergency discharge outlet and diluted by a large amount of water to prevent fire spreading and explosion.

By synthesizing the above methods, the refrigeration compressor can be used correctly and reasonably.

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