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Build a store to store apples, oranges, sweet pears, and prices

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Time: 2020-03-15
Summary: Necessary factors to be considered in the construction of fruit and vegetable preservation storehouse

Build a


A few parameters need to be provided by the customer

(1) Size of cold storage

(2) The temperature requirement of general fruit storage is 0-5 ;

(3) The type of goods to be stored

(4) How much is the length and width of the factory building.

Factors affecting the cost of storing 500 tons of apples, oranges and sweet pears


1. Location, according to the local climate, if the climate is different, the same nature of the cold storage, cold storage design scheme is different, the choice of cold storage configuration is different

2. The choice of refrigerating unit brand, brand is different, is one of the important factors that affect the price of cold storage

3. The more the cold storage is divided, the more equipment will be allocated, and the higher the cost of the cold storage will be

4. The size of the cold storage, if the area of the cold storage is larger, the cost of the cold storage will be more expensive, on the contrary, the smaller the cold storage, the cheaper the cost, but even if the cold storage is small, the equipment should also be fully equipped, so the smaller the cold storage, the more expensive the unit cubic cost.

5. The insulation material, can use the insulation board splice directly, also may choose the cheaper XPS squeezes the plastic board to do, the material is not the same, the price also is different, the thickness decides the price.

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