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How to avoid the problems of Industrial Refrigeration Unit

From: China refrigeration network
publisher: Sunny
Time: 2018-08-09
Summary: Cold water cooler is an indispensable part of pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, its role is to provide equipment or products with frozen water, industrial chillers are frequently used.

 In the process of operation, the operator should record and analyze the operating parameters of the equipment regularly, listen to the sound of the equipment during operation, check the use of refrigerated oil, etc. Do maintenance operation for it.

1. Check the normal operation of the body

When the industrial refrigeration unit is in operation, check the industrial refrigerating unit to meet the operating requirements before operation, because the industrial refrigeration unit can be better used as long as it meets the operation requirements.

In addition, before the operation of industrial refrigerating units, the operators should pay more attention to whether the steering of the oil pump is normal, whether there is abnormal, whether the direction is correct, once the abnormal state is correct, and it will be checked and solved in time, so as to avoid big failure.

2. Pay attention to the maintenance of compressor

The compressor is the core part of the industrial refrigeration unit, the performance factor is also very important, is also the place that the user needs to pay attention to. Once the compressor breaks down, it will affect the operation of the whole unit, but the type of compressor is different. The maintenance cost is also different, especially the screw compressor, the internal structure is more precise, the maintenance cost is slightly higher than other compressors, so the maintenance and use should be paid attention to.

3. Check the sensitivity of accessories regularly

In addition, industrial refrigeration units also need to check regularly whether the air suction side, the pressure differential relay for filters, the pressure relay for the exhaust side, the pressure for oil pressure and cooling water, the relay and the oil pressure relay, and so on, are operating sensitively. If there is any trouble, pay more attention to maintenance.

4. Pay attention to the quantity of oil

When adding engine oil and refrigerants to the compressor of industrial refrigeration units, we also need to note that when the compressor oil is added to the cooler, the oil quantity should be kept at 1/23/4 of the oil mirror, and the refrigerant should not be filled up. In addition to the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants, the refrigerant should not be filled. The refrigerant also needs to be flushed in accordance with the refrigerant filling requirements.

Technical personnel say, above is the method that industrial refrigeration unit avoids common trouble. Although it is easy to operate, only prevention in advance and timely solution if necessary, can these minor problems be avoided from affecting the normal operation of enterprise production.

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