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Common faults of Refrigeration Compressor Unit

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publisher: Sunny
Time: 2018-06-28
Summary: Common faults in refrigeration compressor units during operation

Refrigeration compressor unit is widely used in the installation of cold storage, seafood pool construction, in the process of use, refrigeration compressor units will inevitably appear some faults, the following is the refrigeration compressor common eight fault phenomenon analysis:

1.High exhaust temperature of refrigeration compressor unit, too low level of coolant; dirty oil cooler; clogging of oil filter core; failure of temperature control valve; failure of solenoid valve without oil or coil damage; rupture or aging of diaphragm of solenoid valve without oil; Fan motor failure; cooling fan damage; exhaust duct is not smooth or draught resistance; ambient temperature exceeds the prescribed range; temperature sensor failure; pressure gauge Obstacles.

2.The pressure of refrigeration compressor unit is low, the actual amount of gas used is larger than the output gas quantity of refrigeration unit; the failure of outlet valve; the fault of inlet valve; the fault of hydraulic cylinder; the fault of load solenoid valve, the minimum pressure valve is stuck; the leakage of user pipe network; the low pressure setting; Keywords pressure sensor fault; pressure gauge fault; pressure switch fault; pressure sensor or pressure gauge input hose leakage

3. The oil consumption or compressed air oil content of refrigeration compressor unit is large, the cooling dose is too much, the correct position should be observed when the refrigeration compressor is loaded, the oil level should not be more than half at this time, the oil return pipe is blocked, the installation of the return oil pipe does not meet the requirements; The exhaust pressure of the refrigerating unit is too low; the oil separation core is broken; the inner separator of the separation cylinder is damaged; the refrigerating unit has oil leakage phenomenon; the coolant is modified or overrun.

4.Exhaust pressure is too high, intake valve fault; hydraulic cylinder fault; load solenoid valve fault; pressure setting too high; pressure sensor fault; pressure gauge fault; pressure switch fault.

 5.System Large current and low voltage of cold compressor unit; connection loosening; pressure exceeding rated pressure of refrigeration unit; block of oil separation core; contactor fault; mainframe fault; main motor fault

6. Refrigeration compressor unit can not start, fuse broken; temperature switch bad; connection loosening; main motor thermal relay action; fan motor thermal relay action; transformer failure; no power input; fault has not been eliminated; controller fault. 7. Fan motor overload, fan deformation; fan motor fault; fan motor thermal relay fault; connection loosening; cooler blockage; large exhaust resistance. 8. High current or tripping during start-up of refrigeration compressor unit, user air switch problem; too low input voltage; too short interval between star and triangle conversion; hydraulic cylinder fault; inlet valve fault; connection loosening; mainframe fault; main motor fault Breakdown of 1TR time relay

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