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2018 China Refrigeration Exhibition

From: Refrigeration internet of china
publisher: Sunny
Time: 2018-04-08
Summary: 2018 China Refrigeration Exhibition

 On April 9, the 29 International Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and Food Refrigeration Exhibition will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center.

As one of the professional exhibition scale in the same industry in the world's largest exhibition and refrigeration equipment (refrigeration compressor, tunnel quick freezer, pre cooler machine, refrigeration equipment(cold room, cold storage, keep fresh storage,ice maker machine) as the center, gather well-known refrigeration suppliers. This year "Chinese Refrigeration Exhibition" will have more than 1400 exhibitors units articles, the latest and most advanced technology and products in the exhibition, go set display, exchange, trade, large-scale professional platform for a variety of functions of the forum.

Welcome friends from all over the world to Beijing and China.

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