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What are the requirements for the installation of the container cold room ?

                        China container blast freezer 

Container cold storage can be assembled in the container, can be based on customer quick-freezing demand, equipped with refrigeration equipment.  and heat preservation body selection integrated planning, compact construction, high refrigeration efficiency. Freezer is usually controlled at -35 to -40 degrees, fast cooling speed and high efficiency. The cold storage container uses the standard IC type container, the basic construction scale is 6058mm*2438mm*2438mm, equipped with central main temperature zone, built-in shelf, the front part is the sub-temperature zone and storage area, the rear part is the generator cabin and the refrigeration unit. The key parts of Refrigeration Unit are selected by famous Brand in the World Products, unit running firmly, leading control, excellent function, simple installation, efficient saving electricity, low protection rate. The unit is divided into a single unit and a two-stage cryogenic unit, according to the size of the sensitive matching. According to some special occasions, can also be customized noise reducing chassis cover.

In the main temperature area of the container cold storage, the large plate insulation structure is used, and the scale (L*W *H) is 3100mm *1920mm *1740mm. The inside of the container freezer is divided into two parts by the static pressure air plate, the upper part is the static air chamber, the lower part is the constant temperature region, the height is 270mm and 1740mm. In order to decrease the temperature difference in the constant temperature zone, the structure of the over static pressure chamber can produce stable and uniform layer flow wind, and the first place in the constant temperature area needs to be refrigerated. High temperature curing resin adhesive is used for the main temperature zone wall plate. The aluminum profile skeleton, rust proof aluminum plate, heat insulation bridge and rigid polyurethane foam are bonded and limited to form, the thickness is 10. 0mm. The top of the back wall is provided with an air vent and an external transpiration cabin. The transpiration system is installed in the transpiration tank, and the wall plate structure is the same as the main temperature zone, and the thickness is 80 mm.

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