First cold chain

Fast frozen working principle
Quick freezing Rapid freezing of food by exposure to a blast of air at a very low temperature. Unlike slow freezing, very small crystals of ice are formed which do not rupture the cells of the food and so the structure is relatively undamaged.

A quick‐frozen food is commonly defined as one that has been cooled from a temperature of 0 °C to −5 °C or lower, in a period of not more than 2 hours, and then cooled to −18 °C.

The basic principle Mechanical cold storage This method of storing fruits in a good adiabatic building, equipped with mechanical cold storage unit, and according to the variety of fruits on the storage temperature, humidity and ventilation requirements of the cold storage system for human regulation and control , So the storage time longer, the effect is better. A, mechanical cold storage principle. 

Mechanical cold storage is the use of liquid gas (refrigerant) is very low temperature, it evaporated under low pressure into gas, which absorb heat, to achieve the purpose of cooling. In addition to the low boiling point refrigerants, but also requires no harm to human organs, the metal does not play a corrosive effect, no risk of combustion and explosion, does not react with the lubricant, but also should have good heat absorption, evaporation More heat absorption, low pressure in the high pressure condensing system, lower viscosity and cheaper prices.
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